1. Investments in unit trusts are not the same as making bank deposits because investments contain risks. As such, the investor may earn a return or end up with less than the principal amount invested or may not receive proceeds from the sale of units within the usual designated time frame.


2. As such, prior to each investment decision, the investor should examine details of the mutual fund from the prospectus and other relevant documents of the mutual fund to obtain a thorough understanding, especially the various risks involved and the investment policy of the funds. Select funds which contain the level of risk and investment objectives which are suited to you. Retain the prospectus and relevant documents for future reference.


3. An investor requiring additional information or further clarification on any particular matter regarding investments should contact the management company, selling agents, or representatives appointed by the management company.


4. Open-ended mutual funds may be affected by extraordinary events, whereby the investor may receive proceeds from the sale of units later than the time frame described in the prospectus. In situations where the fund has insufficient liquidity, the investor may be unable to sell the units as instructed.


5. Past track record of a fund is not a guarantee for future performance.


6. For investments in Retirement Mutual Funds (RMF) and Long-Term Equity Funds (LTF), unitholders must strictly adhere to all terms and conditions applicable to these funds as well as tax-related commitments outlined by the Revenue Department (details are available in the Tax Handbook provided by TMBAM). Failure to do so may prevent the investor from obtaining the full tax benefits these funds offer and/or the investor could be subjected to (or unable to refund) withholding taxes on capital gains or possibly must forfeit and return tax privileges previously received and/or encounter interest and fee charges according to the tax codes. Investors must keep documents related to their investment in these mutual funds as evidence that the terms and conditions have been fully complied with. These documents will be needed to ensure eligibility for tax benefits when requested. The Tax Handbook may be obtained from TMBAM or appointed selling agents.


7. The management company may invest the company’s own cash in securities or assets in a similar manner to investments made by funds under its management. In doing so, the management company enforces operating rules to prevent conflicts of interests to ensure fairness to unitholders, and adhere to SEC guidelines.


8. The management company permits its staff to invest for their own personal accounts, but must strictly comply with ethical standards and practices set forth by the Association of Investment Management Companies. Staff is also required to disclose information on such investments as the company will regulate and supervise their investment activities.


9. Investors may obtain further clarification on issues which may have a bearing on their decisions, such as concerns over business activities with connected persons or investment limits in funds’ investment policies. Contact the SEC or visit their website at www.sec.or.th


10. Fund performance measurements on this website are conducted in accordance to standards of the Association of Investment Management Companies.


11. Information provided on this website, including programs to calculate fund performance figures are intended for the convenience of investors. The management company strives to ensure the integrity of all facts and figures but discrepancies could arise from information which may be erroneous or due to other unintentional circumstances. The management company, therefore, cannot guarantee the validity and completeness of information provided, irrespective of case or circumstance. The management company is grateful of any advice which may be brought to the management company’s attention of errors requiring correction. Information on our funds is available by contacting the management company and/or appointed selling agents.


12. The management company reserves the right to amend, update, or change information being provided on this website without prior notice.


13. To comply with the conditions stipulated by MSCI regarding index-related data that the management company can deploy to present relative performance measurements, investors must be aware of the Restrictions, Disclaimers, and Limitation of Liabilities stated by MSCI.


14. Mutual funds are separate legal entities from the management company; the management company is therefore not liable to compensate for any losses these mutual funds may incur. Furthermore, the mutual fund’s operating results are not susceptible to the financial status or operating results of the management company.