What You Need to Know About Security Systems

What You Need to Know About Security Systems

Tips for Computer Safety

  • Set a password for your computer to prevent unauthorized access from others.
  • Disable the features of stored or autocomplete password.
  • Change your password on a regular basis to prevent others guessing your password.
  • Categorize your passwords and set the password for financial transactions your top priority.
  • Update the patch of OS or your web browser or other operating programs in order to fix the security vulnerabilities.
  • Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software and/or other internet security programs. Also keep the programs up-to-date.
  • Install Personal Firewall program to avoid attacks.
  • Scan the downloaded program or the email attached file by Antivirus software before opening it
  • Do not proceed your transactions via a vulnerable computer, such as a computer without antivirus software or up-to-date antivirus software and a public computer
  • Always type the website address (URL) into your web browser or access the website from your own favorite lists to prevent phishing attack.
  • Check for updates on computer threats/scams regularly from your peers or other sources.
  • Check your account balances and transaction history on a regular basis

Tips for Mobile Device Safety

  • Set a password for your mobile device to prevent unauthorized access from others.
  • Consider setting additional security in removing your information if entering passwords into the system beyond the authentication time, in case your device is lost or stolen, in order to prevent unauthorized access from others.
  • Back up the data in your mobile device on a regular basis to avoid information loss.
  • Do not conduct financial transactions via vulnerable wi-fi network such as free wi-fi available in public areas in which your confidential information such as a username, password or personal data may be stolen.
  • MBAM does not have a policy to create an application (App) on such mobile devices as smart phones or tablets as TMBAM FundLinkOnline has been developed to support all mobile devices.
  • Install Apps only from trusted sources as in the followings:
    • Apple mobile device: install Apps via the App Store only
    • Android mobile device: install Apps via the Play Store only
    • Blackberry mobile device: install Apps via the BlackBerry App World only
    • Microsoft mobile device: install Apps via the Windows Phone Store only
  • Do not install Apps from untrusted sources as they can expose your information to risk of identity theft, such as OTP passwords regularly used in proceeding financial transactions and passwords for website access.
  • Do not respond to any unusual requests
  • Check for updates on computer threats from your peers or other sources on a regular basis
  • Check your account balances and transaction history on a regular basis


Know the threats

  • Be wary of vishing attacks by direct phone calls informing you that some irregularities or debts appear in your account or your account has been suspended. The criminals may disclose your information and instruct you to transfer money to them.
  • Be wary of SMiShing (SMS phishing) is a type of phishing attack by sending a text message with a downloadable hyperlink to mobile phones. The hyperlink contains a fake mobile application that will take the user to a phishing website where criminals can steal and/or change the user's personal information for their online transactions.

Tips for E-message Safety

Currently emails, SMS, e-messages including Line, WhatsApp, iMessage, WeChat,ChatOn, Skype, Hangout, Facebook Message, Facebook Messenger and so forth are among various channels for criminals to trick you to follow their deceptive practices or to send them your personal information through those e-messages or fake websites (Phishing,Smishing). You are encouraged to identify major irregularities as in the followings.

Do not immediately click the link visible in the email, but copy the link to paste it into the address bar of your web browser, then enter to access the website.

  • A request for personal information: TMBAM does not have a policy to make any requests with regard to your personal information through e-messages.
  • A message requiring an urgent response to that e-message or via the web link.
  • A message concerning system/program/safety updates
  • A message with regard to untrustworthy financial offers such as "Congratulation! You won the first prize lottery", "You are the lucky winner for an air ticket", "You’ve got huge funds", "You’ve got a new electronic device like iPod, iPad". All of these are online phishing scams that aim to get your personal information only.
  • A message which contains misspelling or mistakes, as the criminal is incompetent to understand the business.
If you notice any irregularities in your financial transactions, please follow the steps below.
  • Disconnect all web sites.
  • Turn off the computer or the mobile device that causes the irregularities.
  • Contact TMBAM immediately to monitor the irregularities.

How to identify a secure connection with TMBAM

  • TMBAM does not have a policy to send any kinds of messages including e-messages and SMS to request for your personal information e.g. user name, password, credit card number. Also TMBAM will not send you a request to install any programs on your computer or mobile device.
If necessary to request for your information, the link of the company's website will be embedded for your earliest convenience. You can copy the link provided by TMBAM and place it into the address bar of your web browser, then enter to connect to TMBAM website.
  • Check the encryption of the website every time you fill in your confidential data and ensure the followings:
    • A locked or unbroken key icon appears at the bottom right corner of your browser, or behind the website address.
    • After clicking on the unbroken key icon, select "View Certificate" and ensure the information of "Issued to:" show the website address followed by TMBAMam.com. The date in between "Valid from" and "to" must be set in the current duration only.
  • Ensure the correct address of TMBAM website prior to proceeding with the website connection. TMBAM valid addresses are listed in the following: